There is no need to go any further if you’re seeking for a wholesale provider of textile and associated products. One of the largest textile distributors in the Gulf is Synapse. We are available to give you the best answers to your fabric needs. Our textile specialists collaborate with our clients to achieve complete idea and concept exchange. Effective communication, in our opinion, expedites work and fosters a culture of delivering with mutual understanding.

The fabric is created through a constant review process with the unique needs of our customers in mind. We order the fabric from our affiliated textile mills and have it manufactured to our esteemed customers’ specifications. Our employees are highly attentive and well-trained to recognise and quickly address the customer-specific requirements.

Our ties with our suppliers are friendly. Your consignment can be delivered as you like, whether it’s unfolded, continuous, or bundled in different-sized yard rolls. We sell cloth both domestically to UAE customers and internationally, primarily to the USA. Our main priority has always been providing for our customers and consistently exceeding their expectations.

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We'd love to hear from you